• Explainable VUI Design™ | Conversational Experience Design (CxD) | Conversation Design
  • Explainable Conversational AI (xCAI) Design™
  • Explainable & Responsible Generative AI (xGAI) Design™
  • Conversational Voicebot & Chatbot Design
  • Prompt Design & Prompt Engineering 
  • Intent and Domain Ontology modelling, Knowledge Engineering, Content Engineering, Language Data annotation
  • Voicebot & Chatbot user journeys
  • Voicebot and Chatbot UX & Functionality Testing & Optimisation, Tuning Recommendations and Reports
  • Speech Analytics, Language Analytics & Solution Tuning

Some of the specifc ways I can help you are:


✔︎ Writing, Training, Testing, Tuning: ASR and NLU grammars and parameters, system prompts and messaging, repair and recovery strategies, contact and conversation flows

✔︎ For natural language Speech IVRs, Voicebots, Chatbots, Voice Assistants, LLM Chatbots

✔︎ For Contact Centre Automation and Digital Transformation

✔︎ For Enterprise and Government