Explainable Conversational AI (VUI & Conversation Design) since 1996

Hi, I'm Maria, Founder and Director of DialogCONNECTION. I'm an expert in "Explainable VUI Design"™ (a term I coined in 2018), Conversational Experience Design (CxD) and Optimisation for Voice & Chat interfaces. In the past few years, I have also been advocating for "Explainable Conversational AI" as a whole and, with the ChatGPT and LLM hype, I have also been pushing for the urgently needed "Explainable and Responsible Generative AI".

My specific expertise is in Contact Centre Automation, Enterprise and Government Digital Transformation: Voice User Interfaces (VUIs), natural language Speech IVRs, branded Voice Assistants, and domain-specific conversational Voicebots & Chatbots.

My designs are driven by my clients' business objectives, their end users' needs and the conversational experience. As a Computational Linguist, I always factor in the complexities, unpredictability and ungrammaticality of natural language (spontaneous speech and informal chat input). As a Language Engineer, I always take into account the limitations of Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. Explainable VUI & Conversation Design (xDesign), like Explainable AI (xAI), ensures transparency (the WHAT), reproducability (the HOW), consistency (the WHEN) and ownership and control (the WHO) of the Design decisions, all of which lead to Responsible applications (catering for the FUTURE). xConversation Design turns simple crude Processing (NLP) into Understanding (NLU).

Explainable Conversational AI (xCAI) and Explainable Responsible Generative AI (xGAI) Design aim for transparent, responsible, design-led AI bot development that keeps the human in the loop and in control . This is achieved through Language Engineering, Prompt Engineering, Prompt and Chatbot Design, Ontology Design, Knowledge and Content Engineering with careful consideration of both AI Ethics and the Law surrounding AI Policy.

DialogCONNECTION Limited

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Director Maria Aretoulaki